Other Button Hole Volunteer Positions

Assistant Golf Instructors


  • Have knowledge of the game
  • Become familiar with the teaching manual and schedule of instruction dates
  • Do not be reluctant to help students, always be encouraging and friendly
  • Be familiar with the equipment, its storage and cleanliness
  • Be aware of safety issues such as club swinging, noise, and standing in proper areas


Golf Shop Personnel


  • Greet customers, students, and guests with a hello and smile
  • Be knowledgeable of the facility in order to answer guest's questions
  • Become familiar of policies and procedures of the golf shop including fees, tee times, and store sales
  • Collect fees
  • Maintain availability of equipment, merchandise, passes, ID's, and tee sheets for starters
  • Be sure to keep golf shop clean, tidy up when necessary
  • Refer any problems to staff
  • Print out daily receipts




  • Play a round or hit a bucket of balls with student(s)
  • Assist the instructors with students
  • Assist students with special assignments




  • Supervise the starting time of golfer at the first tee by scheduled tee times
  • Check to be certain starting time and tees have been assigned to players
  • Keep tee area and nearby practice green, clean and quiet
  • Maintain friendly atmosphere by your enthusiasm
  • Advise staff regarding course back up and delays of starting times due to congestion and slow play
  • Collect any equipment that has been left behind
  • Observe surrounding activity




  • Maintain rosters, class records, and I D cards
  • Answer phones and distribute messages, send faxes and make copies
  • Post flyers in the clubhouse and circulate them among staff
  • Assist at special events
  • Keep a list of inventory and replenish supplies


Range & Course Monitor


  • Marshall the course and driving range to support proper behavior
  • Be available to monitor at special events


Equipment Maintenance


  • Have clubs available for events
  • Arrange for/pick up donated equipment
  • Sort clubs by number and assist in storage and cataloging equipment
  • Maintain selection process of donated equipment and identify as being for use, rental or sale
  • Clean and repair clubs


Range Maintenance


  • Make balls available for the range through the golf shop
  • Retrieve and clean balls using equipment (will receive training)
  • Store needed auxiliary items such as detergents, rags, brushes, brooms and tee replacements
  • Help keep hitting bays, perimeter areas tidy
  • Retrieve any baskets, balls, and clubs left behind


Course Facility Maintenance


  • Ball washing
  • Maintenance, repair and renovating jobs
  • Help with landscaping course and range
  • Keeping the clubhouse, surrounding areas and parking lot tidy

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