4th Annual Button Hole Egg Hunt

Apr 11, 2012


Saturday, April 7, dawned a bit chilly and overcast, and the fog drifted across the Button Hole Course as over 150 children and their family members gathered for Button Hole’s Fourth Annual Egg Hunt—(make that colored golf ball hunt!)  In the week prior to Easter, Button Hole’s coordinator of programs, Deanne Prior, distributed flyers in both English and Spanish as part of our outreach program for kids in our Providence in-school winter programs.  Students from George J. West Elementary School and Robert L. Bailey IV Elementary School attended, as did many of their friends and family members. 

The participants arrived sporting assorted bunny ears, colorful garb, with baskets in hand to make sure not a colored “egg” remained on the course.  Prior to the footrace across the range, children and their families enjoyed making various holiday crafts and participating in holiday theme based games in the large activity room at Button Hole.  In addition, volunteers assisted children in a putting contest on the putting green, where we quickly found that to a young person, “putting” translates to “driving.” 

The tension to begin the “hunt” loomed in the background.  At approximately 10:15, attendees were divided by age groups and sent to different parts of the range to hunt the colored golf balls.  A casual observer estimated that it took the children less than five minutes to find every ball once the “go” signal had been given.

Conversations about who had found the most balls dominated as the children gathered on the patio to choose their prizes for the day. And, as a result of the day, several new families, signed up to have their children participate in upcoming classes on the way to becoming a Button Hole Kid!

Button Hole prides itself on being a resource for the whole community.  Once again, during opening week, scheduled for April 16-20, special events and free clinics will be available, as Button Hole continues its commitment to being a strong community partner.

Button Hole and its Mission Receive World-wide Attention.

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