50 New Students Enroll in Andrade Faxon Junior Golf Academy

» 50 New Students Enroll in Andrade Faxon Junior Golf Academy

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Following its successful pilot last year, Button Hole this summer has enrolled over 50 new students the Andrade Faxon Junior Golf Academy at Button Hole. Students receive full scholarship to the Academy and are recommended by their teachers and community leaders. The Academy is funded by a grant from the CVS Caremark Charity Classic to honor Billy Andrade and Brad Faxon and their contribution to the game of golf, area youth and societal issues. The Academy enhances students overall long term athletic development using a TPI, a multi sport approach. It also offers a healthy environment to improve students’ lives by providing a connection to golf and what it has to offer such as mentoring, scholarships, instruction in the art of caddying; and learning the core values associated with the game of golf.

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