Kid’s Programs

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Kid’s Lessons

Wee Putter / ages 5 & 6 / $10 per class / 12 students max.               Click Here To Sign Up

Beginner / ages 7-17 / $100 per session / 12 students max.                 Click Here To Sign Up

Transition / ages 7-9 / $100 per session / 8 students max.                  Click Here To Sign Up

Intermediate / ages 10-17 / $100 per session / 8 students max.   Click Here To Sign Up

Skills / ages 7-17 / $50 per class / 12 student max.                                       Click Here To Sign Up

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Do YOU have what it takes to win the coveted Kids Cup?

Long a tradition at Button Hole, the annual Kids Cup gives children a unique opportunity at competition golf. The three divisions offered, u16 boys, u10 and u16 girls, gives kids the opportunity to compete against golfers their skill level and age. Nearly 40 Kids take to the course each Monday night to showcase their skill, drive and passion for the game. This affordable league is all about being FTK (for the kids)!

For 2021 – Monday June 28th through August 16th. Tee times range from 9:00am-10:30am every Monday. 

Must be between the ages of 8-16 compete at the start date. Only $5 to register and $1 per week!

Email League Coordinator Evan Theroux at [email protected] to register


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