Advanced Youth

         The Advanced Program is tailored to help our juniors develop the golf habits of hard working, informed individuals that ultimately become students of the game of golf.  This program will cover all aspects of the game of golf, such as developing solid fundamentals- Grip, Stance, Alignment, Posture, Swing Principles, as well as developing a physical and mental pre-shot routine.

         The Advanced instructors will explain the paramount importance of developing an excellent short game-putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play.  Substantial time will be spent on the golf course emphasizing golf course etiquette, properly keeping score, and the rules of golf.  Upon completion of this program children will have the confidence and knowledge to compete on their High School golf team.

         The Advanced program has the full support of Button Hole Golf Course and the New England PGA.  Our juniors will have the opportunity to play 9-holes of golf on courses such as Triggs Memorial Golf Course, Harbor Lights Golf Course, and Goddard Park. The juniors will experience tremendous camaraderie while developing friendships and goodwill.  They will all realize that patience and perseverance is essentially necessary on the track to becoming competitive golfers.


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