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Kids’ Lessons

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We pride ourselves on accommodating all clubs, schools, businesses and organizations in our community. We welcome people of all abilities. Golfers will be introduced to the history and tradition of the game and instructed in etiquette and codes of conduct, skills development, course play, and have Fun!

When you enroll in our “BH” Kids Golf Program they earn the privilege upon completion of the class to pay $1 to play until the age of 18! (See the information below under Beginner program) 

The 2019 Kids’ Lesson Schedules will be available in late February 2019


2018 Kids’ Lessons

Wee Putters (Ages 5 – 6) Click here for details

Beginner (Must be at least 7) Click here for details

Transition (Must Qualify) Click here for details

Intermediate (Must Qualify) Click here for details

Advanced (Must Qualify) Click here for details

Individual Skills Click here for details

“BH” Lesson Objectives

  • Fundamental golf skill
  • USGA rules and etiquette of the game
  • Practical links of golf lessons to life lessons
  • Goal setting and self-evaluation
  • Course respect and management
  • Encourage maximum play
  • Outfit our kids with clubs to keep
  • Have Fun!

Lesson Expectations

  • Be on time
  • Listen carefully to all instructors and staff
  • Follow all rules of safety and etiquette
  • Be friendly and meet new “golfmates.”
  • Respect each other’s differences/abilities
  • Practice between lessons
  • Wear golf shoes or sneakers to lessons

Help Support Our Mission

When you make a donation to Button Hole you are partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of young people of all backgrounds with the opportunity to learn life skills through the game of golf.